Be a Pro

Becoming a professional does not mean buying a certification. We offer you a clear structure and hierarchy of education. Chartflow you can find here. Only the progressive adoption of strict rules, including effective training, will show you the way to professionalism. Join the professional canyoning community. Become an independent expert or start building your professional career. Your participation in the course and followed acquisition of practical experience, professional skills and knowledge are the best investment for working in the canyoning business anywhere in the world. Welcome to Slovenia. Welcome to Bovec.


Get Certified

Education is voluntary because you enjoy learning new things and moving forward. The desire and curiosity to gain access to information and the latest news are a great motivating factor. Education is required for the work in the canyoning business around the world. As an independent alone canyoneer you will gain access to unique information, processes and procedures that will help you realize safely your dreams. The certification process is a means of communicating with people who understand your business, can advise you and give you feedback. Be a certification holder is also a matter of prestige. If you want to be a real professional in the field, it’s great to excel in the field. From the customer’s point of view, certification is important information about the quality of services provided. Valid certification is proof of compliance with the Standards (provision of quality services). Adopting strict rules in the classroom during the course is the first important step on your path to professionalism. Applying them to the real environment and mastering the access mechanisms requires time and especially intensive training. And just and only intensive training will allow you to respond in emergency situations an adequate and effective way. It allows you to find quick and progressive solution to the situation. Don’t be afraid of education. Open up to new ways, new energies, new contacts and new challenges. Adjust your access mechanisms. Keep tuning your vibrations and energy. Investing in education is the best step ever. Stay tuned for a while on the waves of Universal Canyoning Academy and catch the right moment for education. Sharing knowledge is sharing energy.


Exa Career

HTM - Head Training Master
TM - Training Master
STR - Senior Trainer
TR - Trainer


ADR - Advanced Rescuer
ELE - Expedition Leader
HVA - High Vertical Advanced Leader
SWA - Swift Water Advanced Instructor
ICI - International Canyoning Instructor


ICE - International Canyoneer Explorer
ICA - International Canyoneer Autonomous
CAI - Canyoneer Iniciation


ICTC is a designation for an International Canyoning Training Course and means that participation is international. The proceedings language is English and you can look forward to the great and smiling faces of canyoners from all the world. The aim of the course is not only a full-fledged education, but also meeting a new people, space for professional communication and exchange of information, new friendships, contacts and opportunities. The ICTC has strict rules and procedures. ICTC is an opportunity for your next professional journey and career in the field. ICTC is also fun. Why? Because “I Can Try Canyoning”.


Do you want to participate directly in higher level courses? IVS means International Validation Skills. In this case it is necessary to validation your knowledge and skills. Contact the your EXA for an individual agreement. If will possible, we will be happy to offer you a solution. Enjoy Universal Canyoning Academy in all its forms. Because this platform was primarily created by canyoneers for canyoneers.


Nostrification – recognition of foreign education. We provide this service by mutual agreement with participants of the course on based their individual needs. This is a time-consuming legislative process (depending on the country of application). More information by your EXA.