About UCA

Universal Canyoning Academy is a private label for canyoning training and practice developed by experienced european trainers. More than 30 years of practice, exploration and training around the world. UCA works for the development of canyoning not only for occasional practitioners but also for expert or professional canyoneers practicing and developing this activity throughout the world. Open up new horizons, join the International Canyoning Community. UCA is a European Label which is adapted to a practice everywhere in the world.

Universal Canyoning Academy is a private canyoning training school founded in 2004 whose objective is to provide online courses and specific individualised training course on the field. The first UCA platform was founded in 2004 by Rod Sturm in the Pyrenees in the Ariege valley, who also holds the position of CEO and HTM (Head Training Master). The experience and newly developed techniques gained over many years on demanding HCT (Himalayan Canyon Team) expeditions are intensively applied into the development of canyoning, structure of education and topics UCA courses. Since 2020 of Universal Canyoning Academy has opened a branch of a international canyoning school in Bovec (Slovenia) & Eastern Europe. Available is an international canyoning Trainer – Olda Stos (Universal Canyoning Academy).